Xavier Crow – Virtual Mentalist

Choose a Virtual Mind Magic & Mentalism Show for your next Event. Whether you are hosting through Zoom, Google Meet or Microsoft Teams,this show will come direct to your home, office or conference room.

The Online Mind Reading show is extremely interactive as The Virtual Mentalist aims to involve as many of the participants as possible. Minds are read through the screen in truly impossible ways.

The Virtual Mentalist show can last anywhere between 15 to 45 minutes de-pending on your needs. Some clients only need 15 minutes as an energiser to break up long online zoom sessions, where as other clients like a full 45 minute show for a company party or virtual activity.

This show is highly interactive. The Virtual Mentalist involves as many of your guests as possible for individual routines of Mind Reading and also performs some group Mentalism and Psychological Illusions on the entire group!

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