Ray Zambino- The man. Myth and Legend

Ray Zambino brings his stand up into the streaming realm. 25-30 minutes of jokes, banter and maybe even a little bit of learning! A virtual performance in English from the streaming platform of your choice.

Can ancient mythology affect our everyday lives? No. not really, but Ray Zambino is going to talk about it anyway.

About the performer:

Ray Zambino is an English speaking comedian from Scotland. He has the magical ability to be understandable whilst still speaking in a Scottish accent.

Ray moved to Finland for the boring cliche of Love. Once he was here, however, he loved it.

Ray’s comedy involves silly one liners, the cultural observations of a stranger in a strange land and the occasional absurd idea.

Ray has previously written for MTV, Yle and performed on Nelonen Stand Up, he has worked internationally for the BBC and performed all over Finland and the UK.

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